Amazon Best Selling Trail Shoes (ASICS Gel Venture 5 Running shoe Review)


ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe (Best Selling Shoe on Amazon)



  1. About the drop of shoes.. These gel shoes.. yes they have high drop.. but when you walk or run.. it is suspension and the the real drop is almost zero.. It is only there if you stand..

  2. Perhaps they are uncomfortable due to the the fact that the shoes are a size too big, causing a situation where the strings are the only thing securing the shoe in place on your feet, instead of ye foot fitting snugly in the shoe, with the lace doing less work overall, whereas in this case the laces are doing 80% of the work, and since the shoe shifts about with the extra space when it's off the ground, this creates extra movement when your foot hits the ground, negating the shoe's ability to properly absorb the down force thus leading to a deformation under impact, giving rise to pain after enough of that.

  3. Try a runners tie- Ive found that for me at least, when active in asics I slip in the heel pocket and get pain as you described. Yet with that tie style it'll suck your heel back in the pocket during running or heavy walking. If regular casual, tie as usual 😉

  4. these shoes have such great reviews from everywhere but i personally think they are so ugly i can't buy them 🙁

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