Athlete's diet: Eating like an Olympian


CNN’s Phil Han takes a look at what some athletes have to eat in order to stay ahead of the game.



  1. carbs really? michael phelps, most succesful olympian of all time! pay attention keto muppets.

  2. He swims four hour s a day. Thats intense training in the water. So training hard in water drops his body temperature hence he can consume such a collosal amount of calories without getting fat or loosing shape. The difference loes in training in the water and the drop of thermal temperature.

  3. That's disgusting! Damn this is why I can't be a runner and phelps is only a fucking swimmer ugly one at that lol 😛

  4. Just watched this vid and I feel stuffed.

  5. You should go to WooPep if you'd like to make diet better guys.

  6. I was told to eat high protein, fat, veggies and small portions of fruit… go figure.

  7. That is such bullshit. No one – not even the most hard working athletes – burns 10.000 calories a day. Only if you were to do an ultra marathon every day, you'd burn that amount and therefore have to eat that much. And no one can do that daily. It's also bullshit that you'd burn 1000-1500 calories pr hour of training. That would be super high intensity and no one, not even super athletes can keep that up(nor should they) for hours on a daily basis. An average of calories burned pr hour of training would more likely be 500-700. And for higher intensity, yes, you can hit like 700-1000 pr hour, but that would not be sustained for hours and hours. No one, burns or eats 10.000 calories a day as an athlete. Some people eat 10.000 calories a day, yes, but then we are talking morbidly obese binge eaters.
    An average for a normal athlete would most likely be around 3000-5000 calories depending on the sport, gender and body weight etc.
    This is the most ignorant and uninformed video I have seen in a long time pretending to present facts about nutrition.

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  9. I can eat that in 6 hours

  10. i didnt get anything they said…. im distracted

  11. Holy cock.. 10,000 calories what the fuck!?

  12. If he eats that much, his turds must be huge!

  13. some just dont know how tiring swimmer is 😨
    look.. go 5 x 400 at 5 10 and im just 13 yrs old. its hard. youll cry 😂

  14. he is a fuckin liar just looking at that food there is  no way he can eat that much. I don't think he can even eat half as much.

  15. bullshit!!! kenyan athletes dont need all this and they are among the best athletes!

  16. She has a very sexy accent. I would love to have a British girlfriend.

  17. I wasn't even looking at the food most of the time

  18. such a bullshit. so false

  19. I bet that chick eats it all!

  20. Puh lucky it was Sugafree redbulls, dont wanna go to crazy

  21. I understand him eat all of that. But does he burn up to 10,000 calories a day? Its like gain the calories you burn back.

  22. mmmm this is making me hungry!!!!!!!!! im stopping at fatburger after work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Where are the potassium enriched foods?  Don't be blindsided by carbs, calories, and protein.

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  25. Hi, have you seen Morsch Muscle Madness? (just google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Morsch Muscle Madness, you will discover how to build muscle quickly.

  26. Carbs only digest fast if they are simple carbs, complex carbs aren't a fast energy source

  27. cant pronounce pasta, typical american. plus that woman is fucking hot!

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  32. bread and pasta is the cheapest!!!

    wtf are you talking about?

  33. there are kids eating more at once (here on youtube)

  34. the average person doesnt need only 2000 calories you stupid retarded reporter. a small baby needs 800 calories. just imagine how much the average person needs. he/she needs minimum 3000 calories always depending on the activities…

  35. pasta and pizzas mainly comprises of carbs. Just keep out the mayo, cream cheese and butter and you virtually have no fat in the dish.

  36. Too bad that far many people eat like Olympians but do not exercise or train the way they do.

  37. I would be fat as fuck if I ate all that. Richard Simmons would have to come to my house and cut me out of me room with a chainsaw.

  38. Imagine all the shit Olympic athletes have produced over the years.

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