Beginners Guide To Meal Prep | Step By Step Guide


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  1. Do you microwave the prepped meals before you want to eat them?

  2. So is it just one meal per day?

  3. Y’all talking about the seasoning. I’m talking about how he labels his refrigerator “gains gains not gains gains gains not gains

  4. Wow, thank you so much for this video!

  5. Do you know how to lose arm fat for triceps and biceps

  6. Do you need to freeze any of the meals?

  7. I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would be pleased with your seasoning

  8. Ketchup~ Ahaha 🙂 love this dude <3 Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Sir pls pls tell me that do i loose my hair and go bald faster if i do zym more for getting six pack

  10. Thanks for the video bro!
    Good info for a gym noob like I.

  11. 😡 I can’t stick to anything

  12. I dont recommend microwave meals if you want to be a lil healthy

  13. How do you prep for a whole week if chicken is only good for up to 4 days after being cooked

  14. Look at that. You almost expired 4.2million views.

  15. Earned a sub my man

  16. Cool dude. Full of knowledge. Gains for sure. Ketchupppppp hahah

  17. Gains… gains… gains… ketchup??!….

  18. Word. I’m eating my last McDonald’s for lunch today.

  19. This is a great video, I’ve been planning on meal prep for a while and I love how step by step this is. Thanks man.

  20. I know my macros and foods ima need I just need to know how to pack the meals

  21. Only one problem…I’m 15 and want to meal prep but I don’t have a job and therefore don’t have money. And my family won’t let me do it.

  22. Are they reusable containers?

  23. Had to drop a sub and like when you just randomly went "Ketchup" hahah.

  24. So if that’s 9 meals for the week, what are you eating when it’s not these 9?

  25. 1:33 Zimbabwe to farmers be like

  26. a gross bite that turns you off the whole meal – I have been searching the world for someone who understands that statement, If I bite into gristle, or a seafood bite tastes a little fishy, Im DONE. I cant finish the meal, and I wont eat any of the leftovers. THANK YOU!

  27. What if you are a regular drinker obviously not ideal but is there a plan around in your diet and training

  28. All u need

    Buffalo milk
    Purified butter
    Crushed wheat
    Rooster egges
    Whole lentis
    Whole gram peas

    And eat much u can and work out much u can

    Feel the difference in 18 weeks

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