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A lot of you have been asking in the comments what type of core exercises I do – in this video I take you through a few simple exercises with some medicine balls, all designed to keep you upright, strong and straight while running. Thanks for watching and for your support, and let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see!

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  1. Maxamedow walal Soomaalida West London Siiba Hillingdon,Ealing iyo Hounslow events ciyaalka u qabo. Runtii Community ga waa ku baahan tahay.Jazakallah.

  2. Sir tell me diet plan for athletes.

  3. Does he only do one round of each or does he repeat it?

  4. Bravo a correre ma gli esercizi li fai da schifo

  5. the camera work is terrible, completely unable to see those oblique crunches

  6. How can we improve our shin pain sir

  7. Give running schedule for event 1500m

  8. Mo I like you man, but my man leave the abs to the pros,
    Still like the video though

  9. Hello mo Farah,can make video cool down…tngks…

  10. My final running on 5 march,i have only one month, how can i*m reddy for it plz,snd me rply..

  11. sir runing shoes ka name batavo jo runing me achaa comfertable ho
    pls reply

  12. When to do these exercise before or after running

  13. Mo Farah. How much EPO should I take and where can I get some? I know Alberto used to give you it bit do you get it from Gary Lowe now?

  14. jo jo Mo .. keep on keep onin

  15. mo's strides are godly

  16. Tankyou champion !!!!!!

  17. ilove mohamad farah

  18. No no no ..(( mo farah!!!!an mohamad farah.. yas ..steoped

  19. i am a runner of 1500 and 5k , tell me the workout.

  20. Mo I am your biggest fan,How to train me

  21. Thank you for sharing. I ran my first Marathon yesterday and now I know that I need to work on my core. Had really problems to run the last 6km because my core muscles were very weak and I tended to have a wrong posture. Looking foward to my next marathon to see if I can improve especially the last few k with your core training.

  22. Why mo but his name is Mohammed… Its racisme

  23. how to breathing 1600m running and in short time

  24. Hi….
    I want some help .of idea for training 5k. Daily …storng workout

  25. Crunches exercise is good for long distance runner ??????

  26. Sir I effected by shin pain what do

  27. Anyone notice the muscle definition in his legs whrn he was switching the ball from hands to feet? Crazy

  28. Never underestimate what a twig could do

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