Joe Rogan Experience #752 – Mark Sisson


Mark Sisson is a fitness author and blogger, and a former distance runner, triathlete and Ironman competitor. His latest book “Primal Endurance” is available now via Amazon.



  1. This is an awesome episode

  2. It’s because of insulin

  3. 5th or 6th time coming back to this. Thanks Mark and Joe!

  4. This was awesome. I watched the entire video. Been trying to figure this out for the past year.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for actually asking intelligent questions and then letting the person talk. A lot of interviewers and really general people in conversations could learn so much from your style.

  6. The way he looks down and doesn't make eye contact really makes me only give him half the benefit of the doubt.

  7. I wish I could say “I have this friend, Maynard who makes wine. You know the band tool? The lead singer? Yeah well he makes wine….”
    and it’s just the most casual thing…like wow. You’re friends with MJK and act like it’s nothing 😂
    This may be my favourite podcast of yours ever by the way! Never stop opening our minds!

  8. What the fuck do you eat if you're eating under 100 total carbs? Absolutely absurd

  9. Just watched a video, albeit in my native tongue about bread-making, and there is a key factor left out in this conversation regarding bread. Almost all modern-day bread is exclusively made with dough that is ready for baking through additives(2hour and the dough is ready to go in the oven) or using just yeast(bit better). Back in the old days before profit trumped determined everything we do, dough-making was done using leaven and the process took 10-12 hours and some heavy labour was involved( ie.: not profitable enough) With leaven during the fermentation process fungi and bacteria destroy and break down stuff that causes among many things leaky gut syndrome. Bread itself was fuel for the poor centuries ago. It is true that it's not the diet our ancestors followed but it solved the population boom at the time. So before we condemn bread as the ultimate evil, let's differentiate between modern day bread and traditional leaven bread. The latter won't cause leaky gut syndrome no matter how much you eat. Plus in the old days people who did heavy physical labour ate on average around 300 kb bread/year and had NO leaky gut syndrome and weren't overweight as they used up the good fuel they consumed. Peace!

    Ps: For those fluent Hungarian speakers here is the link to the video. 😉

  10. Mark's sleep problems were most likely from the GABAergic nature of alcohol and tolerance withdrawal. Similar things happen to people taking benzodiazepines/Z-drug long term — you get rebound insomnia.

  11. I am 59. I feel invincible since eating paleo. I also lift weights twice a week, and walk or hike every day. I take no medications. I don’t preach to anyone, do as you want, believe what you will. I feel great living this way.

  12. ATP = adenine triphosphate. I am the bio major listening haha.

  13. One of the most helpful things in this video for me was at the end when they talk about there is a period of around 3 weeks for your body to adapt. I have tried this in the past and felt I couldn't tolerate it. When other people say I feel great on this diet well I felt like garbage and so just felt like I couldn't do it, now I know I need to be patient and wait for my body to adapt to this.

  14. Joe, just put an avocado in your shake and it will make it taste great. It improves the texture so much

  15. Joe "fromagerie" Rogan

  16. Mark Sisson saved my life. In early 2009 I was fat as hell and suffered low level, well sometimes low, chronic body pain. I decided to do something, researched all the diets out there, and his new Primal Blueprint is one of the only ones that didn't insult my scientific intelligence. I bought the book. Also, it was lifestyle oriented, not just diet.

    Almost a decade later, and a lot of weight up and downs that have been only my own fault, and times where I've completely ignored what I should do, I find his advice still on the Mark. Sorry. Even during the off-the-wagon times, my blood panels have mostly been beyond excellent, and I"m age 72. He has a biology premed, is a great aggregator of scientific papers, and is willing to shift his viewpoint with new evidence.

    Unlike many promoters out there, everything he knows is out there for free. Sure, he sells products and books. But also unlike others out there, he barely soft sells them.

  17. This moron is a fraud on so many levels, he and "Dr" Greger deserve each other.

  18. he's talking about switching to fat metabolism like he's got a remote control on his body.. i don't think it works like that

  19. Honestly one of the best interviews of all times. I love both of you. I am so into marks work. I love the balance between still going hard but how to properly care for your body. Thanks for such an extensive interview

  20. I love all of the people in the comment section bashing him because he has a cup of coffee in the morning. I am a higher carb/lower fat person myself, and still love my morning cup of coffee like this guy does.

  21. Almost 3 years later and keto and primal has shown its endless positive results. Where are the “sounds like bro science bro” commenters now?

  22. If you aren't watching the video this guy sounds exactly like Mike Baker.

  23. Im 22 6’1 and 155lbs. My whole life ive struggled to put on weight. I feel my best when i eat a good amount of carbs from sweet potatoes white rice, yuca etc.I do not consume any breads or anything containing gluten. I drink lactose free milk. I do consume some whey protein shakes with oats. I eat plenty of animal protein, but do not feel like it is my main source of fuel. My problem with the paleo diet stuff is that my body gains more weight and puts on more muscles whenever i consume more carbs than protein. Nothing gives me more energy than some white rice before a workout. I for the most part agree with what he is saying about genes being “living” in a sense. But the blanket statement about evolution that all humans benefit from lifting heavy things and sprinting every once in a while seems way too general. By looking at some primitive african tribes we know that some peoples have evolved for ultra endurance in order to chase down animals for miles. Others in colder climates developed stockier builds to conserve heat etc. in such climates foods that burned slower and hunting tactics that involved less energy expenditure were favored. Thus its unsurprising that europeans developed calorically denser foods. Im not sure if im misunderstanding the argument sisson is making, so please correct me if so.

  24. Does Joe ever shut the fuck up about MMA?

  25. A diet on insects will be the future

  26. Mark is excellent at articulating and explaining complex things slowly and clearly

  27. 1:56:25 Big Ass Salads are my favorite!

  28. I think I'm allergic to meat. Am i fucked?

  29. Informative af but someone get him some moisturiser

  30. LOL 16g of sugar in those EXO Bars. I'm all for using insect protein – but it's like the 8th ingredient. It's an almond butter/fruit bar sprinkled with cricket flour. More of a shock ingredient than anything.

  31. This podcast introduced me to the ketogenic diet and subsequently changed my life.

  32. I agree with him on the sun thing, and the grains/flour/pasta/high-carb not being any good.

    the biggest difference i could measure about the sun, is from when i broke my leg and had to take x-rays every week for 8 months. the first 3 months i didn't have any bone healing, and my doctor and i were really worried. after that i started sub-bathing, in 1 week of sun bathing my bone had grown all that it was supposed to have grown in 3 months. after 5 months of sun light my bones were according to my doctor the most well healed and dense he had ever seen

  33. No carbs after workout = less insulin = more growth hormones?

  34. listened a lot and then cracked a beer. SHIT

  35. If this was done today, it'd have over 2M views for sure.

  36. Sounds like Mark needs to start home brewing and brew his own wine, mead, or session beer.

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