Marathon Running – 10 Best Training Tips


Top 10 tips for training to run your first marathon, or second or third. Whether your training for a sub-3 hour effort, or simply just to compete the distance, these marathon training guidelines will help get you there.

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  1. Loch Ness marathon here I come!!!

  2. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Thanks for tips bruh, deff need to plan out my long run, cause I just went for a blind run & got lost haha plus it started to pour raining. Good thing I brought my gopro with me so I can share my experience haha

  4. Your build is so beautiful

  5. Great tips I have my first marathon in 2 weeks the Brighton marathon

  6. Do you work out?

  7. dude, your camera is amazing. What are you using? Also, did you run in Chiang Mai?

  8. Thank you Harry for the tips !

  9. I'm sleeping 6 to 7 hours… will work on that 😉
    Thanks !

  10. Great video I am going to take this into account this has also helped me I train trail running and I like to see these videos that are very helpful. Thank you

  11. Very good speech brother. Motivational and the best part was when you said enjoy it and smile. Have a nice day

  12. Hello,

    I am currently looking to run my first ever 5k run. Any tips for a bigger guy like myself to train for this type of event? Thank you in advance!

  13. One thing I used to like to do was, after any run of 12 mi or longer, I would finish at the gym, and do about 10-15 leg presses of 400 lb or more and it was like adding half a mile to the workout for each press. Work up to this. Be safe.

    Harry speaks the truth, in a very polite way. Many times you find someone just browbeating you with their PR and Harry doesn't do that.

  14. So glad I came across your channel! Thank you for the tips. Will make sure to implement them.
    I’m training for London marathon 2019, which is in just over 9 weeks.

  15. I'm 10 seconds in and wondering why he looks sick

  16. my long runs are 4km so far lol
    im doing halfmarathon in 2 months. im nowhere near ready. what should i do? i have the stamina but my legs hurt so much after a while

  17. I like what you say about eating. Absolutely essential for distance. My first 3 Comrades Ultras I hit the wall at 60km. I thought it was because I hadn't gone over 60km in training. In 2018 I consciously ate from early on and I went through 60km no problem. Unfortunately in my last 20km I slacked off and hit the wall (seriously) with only 6km to go. You learn from your mistakes. 2019 will be a feast from start to finish

  18. Sub 3 for your first marathon??! Sub 4.5 would be a miracle

  19. Just saw your video liked it very much and I was inspired so I have done a channel, please need your support and feedback.If you want to support please subscribe and watch my videos which has successfully completed 40+ sub.Wanted to spread happiness and want to see the public laugh.How you make so awesome video.T-series,pwidiepie is waste in front of you.

  20. I just wanna win my Cross country school race this Friday tomorrow is training

  21. I am running a marathon in April(2019).I have 16 weeks to train. I believe I can do it. I’m running it with my brother and 2,000 other people. I used to run LOADS when I was a teen and I’m 26 now. I always wanted to run marathons since I was a teen. I used to run so so much. I believe I can get back to that. I am not unhealthy but I’m slightly(not fat or overweight) but I could lose a few pounds before the marathon(duh). I’m 155pounds and 5’6”. I used to be 120 pounds as a teen when I used to run so much. I love running. It’s probably my favorite exercise ever.

  22. What do u cksss as long

  23. Watched a few of these ,and it makes sense

  24. The best advice here….is to Smile❤️ it. Happy running indeed.

  25. So wonderful and inspiring. Thank you Harry, I appreciate you immensely.

  26. love your content! If you love running as much as we do make sure to follow us on social media for the latest content, we cover the most challenging and exciting races!
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  27. 25 X 400 @ 85sec … 1 min rests. This run took discipline. Thanks for the idea

  28. Doing Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week have allowed me to never have heavy legs, stiffness. Even after 33km runs. It's simply amazing as a compliment to running. And it builds strength in legs and core!

  29. I started running from 2 months now.
    The main reason was for weight loss and was 105kg and now 90. My target is 75-80, due to which I started attending marathons it’s so interesting and your videos are so helpful.
    Good job
    Keep going

  30. hahha u ran the chiangmai muang marathon that year too? I did too…

  31. its a shame all marathon videos are the same in the sense that they all say all the banal, ultra basic, things u must do. eating while running a marathon? seriously? doing long runs? wow, i had no idea that was important.

  32. I will tell my one year old I must have a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night! I’m sure she’ll understand

  33. My marthan 2019 starting.give a more tips 5mail only. I am from tamilnadu.i want to simple tips and more effective for to strong legs..this is my first marathan


  34. Thank you for the inspiration

  35. hey ,if anyone else wants to discover how to run a marathon try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

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