Steve Prefontaine Inspirational Video


One of the most inspirational runners there has ever been.

Song: Teardrop by Massive Attack



  1. He could have been a porn star.

  2. Thank you for re-uploading!!!!

  3. His legacy will live forever, GO PRE!!!.

  4. Inspirational????? All we see is runners including pre running in circles … lol

  5. I am so glad that there are nice people out there that still know how hard my brother worked to get his popularity. He was working when you were sleeping. He knew he didn't have a natural talent or a runners body but he didn't give up – he just worked harder to prove it. I admired my brothers fortitude and guts! Love you Steve

  6. This was much better than watching Pete Jennings running track.

  7. I'm glad his statue is in Nike, he is truly one the greatest runners of all time

  8. "I have to go out hard and just about lead from the start." <3

  9. I read all the comments and I am so proud of you that believe and follow Steve's style. He wasn't perfect-but again —perfect is boring. He was born way to soon for his life. He lived and gave to everyone and his blessings will always be remembered in Eugene and Coos Bay. My brother never knew how much he was loved. I just hope he can read this in heaven. Thank you for your love and devotion. Go Pre!

  10. If he hadn't died just imagine the records he would have had

  11. You are the shinning model of what could be! You live in all who love you. Rest in knowing you are loved. Now go and do your run. Love always your older sister Neta.

  12. Worst music ever. WTF

  13. Recorded back then when cameras really were made from potatoes.

  14. HIs stride was a joy to watch. His style was fluid.

  15. I met Steve & got his autograph in 1973. He was the coolest guy, something I'll never forget

  16. Those Guts…! I want more of them! … Steve, you keep inspiring me.

  17. So smooth – he made it look easy,

  18. Too bad he had died so young

  19. I am a sprinter but this man is still inspiring as fuck!

  20. Thank you for posting this special video

  21. Steve Prefontaine my new running idol, my new running motivation to get better

  22. I am related to Steve Prefontaine

  23. I watch this before every race or if I need motivation to run!!

  24. If pre had a chance to set his goal of 12:36 in the 5k which is an incredibly fast time for a human being to attain it would still stand today. The current record is 12:37 seconds by kenessi bekelle.

    He was my inspiration in my running days like many.

  25. Sweet molester mustache.

  26. you know who donny scatena is

  27. Life won't be the same Postfontaine

  28. anyone knows the music of this video

  29. if Pre was still around he'd be like that guy in Napoleon Dynamite "back in 82 I could throw a football a quarter mile" "say Kip you know anything about time machines". Lasse Viren was superior, period, and Jim Ryun was the real deal at the mile.

  30. Pre ran with more guts than anyone else in the running world

  31. Even though im to young to know how much pre meant to the running world. I do know that i look up to pre when i run for cross country

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