TOP 6 BEST Protein Bars 2019!


➡ Quest Bars:
➡ thinkThin Bars:

➡ Kirkland Signature Bars:

➡ FitJoy Bars:

➡ MusclePharm Combat Crunch:

➡ Epic Meat Bars:

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Top 6 Best Protein Bars 2019! You guys have been asking for more protein reviews and supplement reviews so we thought we would do a Best Protein Bar list. We’ve already covered protein powder, protein shakes, whey protein powder, whey protein isolate and more in past videos and reviews on our website. In this list you will find Quest, thinkThin, FitJoy, Epic, Kirkland Signature and MusclePharm. Hope you enjoyed this best meal replacement bar and best protein list. Stay tuned for more protein supplement reviews and videos.

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Top 6 Best Protein Bars 2018

Honorable Mention:
– RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar
– Oh Yeah! Protein Bars
– Gatorade Whey Protein Recovery Bars
– Pure Protein Bars
– PowerCrunch Protein Energy Bars
– Rise Protein Bars



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  1. Please iwant the answer quuckly
    Is 32 g protein 3.6 g sugars 50 g carbs good or bad

  2. Thanks for doing this. I saw your Instagram pics and I had no idea! Congratulations on your success!

  3. What is the best protein bar for diet?

  4. For combat crunch what what is your favorite flavor?

  5. I know this video is focused on the type of protein and grams of protein, but here should be other things considered like ingredients. Ever wonder WHY there's so much fiber in these bars?🤔. This allows companies to include lots of carbs but then 'negate' those carbs with fiber, so the NET carbs are lower. You have to wonder, though, at what point is this strategy not helpful? More importantly, at what point is this counterproductive? Also, many bars have artificial sweeteners like you said as well other nasty stuff like maltodextrin which often sourced from corn or wheat. 'Sourced from' is never included in the ingredients but is THE most important thing to know.😉. Think grass-fed vs corn-fed beef. Where is the protein sourced from? How are ingredients processed? Etc

  6. Not bad 💁🏻‍♂️👏🏼

  7. Basically if a protein bar tastes good and is really cheap :
    1. It is loaded with unhealthy things that shouldnt be included in ur diet when working out.
    2. Has a low protein level
    3. Is a cheap kind of protein.
    If a protein bar tastes bad and is still expensive :
    1. It is loaded with good nutrients and lots of protein
    2. Is low in sugar and carbs
    3.Contains the top grade protein like Micellar Casein

  8. lol eatin a costco protein bar now watchin this

  9. Check out Snap! Crispy Protein Bars, especially the Vanilla Marshmallow favor

  10. If you want you can learn from woo&pep guide how to do diet correctly.

  11. Oatmega bars are 🔥

  12. You need to look a the sugar alcohol content. The Think Thin are high in alcohol and can cause upset stomach, diarrhea and bloating . No health bar should contain Splenda as it will destroy your guts good bacteria. just my 2c

  13. Why didn't you take the bars out so we can actually see them outside of the wrapper?

  14. STOP TALKING ABOUT FLAVOURS AND TATSE. We want to know witch are the ones with the least shit in them!

  15. what is the difference between the normal links and the International ones?

  16. Robert Irvine’s protein bars are legit!

  17. What would have have made this the perfect video, if you would have opened them up, cut them open to show us the center of it.

  18. what about musacletech bars?

  19. these bars are robbing young fools of their money, I see these 'trendy' new protein bars in garage shops all the time now. I actually think they're all made by clueless 20somethings in their kitchen, and packaged up with a fancy logo to look professional. If you buy these things you're a fool. Also I hate that they're trendy now. I will get protein bars BANNED!

  20. Oh yeah one bars are the best bars out there fact

  21. Aldi sells some decent ones. Look for Millville's Elevation protein bars: 260 cal, 20g protein, 8g fat, 3g fiber, 19g sugar. I believe it's $5 for a pack of six and their flavors are awesome. My friends who hate protein bars love them!

  22. My Bar & Power Crunch enough said.

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